About Us

We are a family of four and love boardgames, what a great way to bring people together.

Game nights have always been a part of our family tradition and the older the kids get, the more special these nights have become.

Who doesn’t love a good game night when friends & family come over, nothing like some friendly competition!!

We have working partnerships within Australia that allow us to provide our customers with our current collection, at affordable prices.

If you are after a particular board game that we don’t currently stock, we will gladly look into sourcing it for you.  We are continuously looking at expanding our range and stocking the latest games, so send us an email with your requests.

We believe in personalised service, quality and integrity.  Our online website provides our customers access to our wide range of games to suit all stages of life.  Whether you are a new couple moving into your new home and want to start your board game collection or maybe you are parents with toddlers and now you need games you can play with your little ones or parents with teens, where playing a board game means serious competition! Hey,  even grandparents need to stock board games for when grandchildren come over.  Board games make amazing gifts, ones that can be re-used over and over again.

Whatever stage you may be at, Game Land would love to be able to provide you an opportunity to purchase a board game to either start your board game collection or add to you ever growing collection!!